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Termite Control

Next to protecting their families, protecting their homes is of primary concern of most homeowners. Termites cause over 5 billion in damage annually to buildings and structures. Protect your home with Accel.

Not all treatments, not all warranties, and most importantly, not all companies are the same.

The experts at Accel take pride in assessing each home and each possible termite issue for the unique situation that it is. This all starts with a professional from Accel providing you with a very detailed inspection of your home with the goal of locating termite activity and areas around your home that are conducive to termite infestations and damage. We then share this information with you and design a treatment customized to protect your home by completely eliminating and/or preventing termites.

Targeting and eliminating termites is what we do at Accel and nobody does it better. Guaranteed.

We take so much care in inspecting, treating and protecting your home because we stand behind or work 100% with a Full Damage Repair Warranty.

Protection Plus: This is the most thorough treatment available for the elimination and/or prevention of subterranean termites for a structure or home. We utilize a variety of treatment methods and provide the most complete treatment available to protect your home and your investment. We guarantee it with our Full Damage Repair Warranty.

Preventative Defense: Be proactive and keep your investment protected with our very popular preventative program. Homes that qualify have had no previous signs of termite activity and we keep the termites away. By treating the entire foundation level and focusing on areas that are conducive to termite infestations, we provide a treatment that is so effective it's also backed by our Full Damage Repair Warranty.

Total Protection: One of our most popular and economical options! Combine the best Termite Warranty in the business with the best Pest Protection available. Protect your home from termites and 27 other pests and rodents.

Warranty Transfer: Stuck in a contract? Don’t be. At Accel, we promise no bugs, no contracts, no problems...and we mean it. Transfer your warranty to us and experience the Accel difference.

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As a “green” treatment option, Accel is proud to offer the Sentricon® System – the No. 1 brand in termite bait stations. Termite bait stations are an effective alternative to traditional liquid pesticide treatments. Call us today to learn more and discuss which treatment option is best for you!

 Types of Termites

Termites are bad news. When they enter a building, they start chewing any pieces of wood that they can get their jaws around. After a while, they can cause serious physical damage to a building, and they can destroy furniture. On top of that, when termites eat through wallpaper, they can release mold spores. Then, when people breathe in those fungal particles, they might suffer from lung problems. These insects are often found in buildings in the eastern Ohio counties of Medina, Portage, Stark, Summit, and Wayne, especially as temperatures drop during the fall and winter.

You can divide termites into three groups. The first is the drywood termite, which feasts on fabric and paper as well as wood. Dampwood termites, meanwhile, prefer moist, decaying wood. They often move into homes with wet wood inside. Thus, if you have a leaky basement or attic, you may be susceptible to them. Worst of all are subterranean termites. These relentless bugs reproduce at fast rates and damage wood at great speed.

Termites in Your Home or Business 

How do termites enter buildings? Well, drywood termites usually use windows and doors. For their part, the subterranean and dampwood varieties build outdoor colonies and dig elaborate tunnels. Those tunnels can penetrate homes and workplaces.Unfortunately, termites are excellent at hiding. Homeowners often have no idea that these pests are living with them until major destruction has occurred. For that reason, it helps to stay alert for subtle clues. You might tap on a wooden post and hear a hollow noise, or you might see pieces of wood with tiny chew marks. Other telltale signs are little tubes of dirt next to your foundation and mounds of discarded wings. As an aside, it's easy to confuse termites with flying ants. However, a flying ant has two large wings and two small wings, and a termite has four wings of equal size. Plus, an ant's body contains three distinct segments; a termite only has one. 

Pros to the Rescue

It's important to eliminate termites as soon as possible. In mere hours, these insects can do plenty of harm. The only truly effective way to get rid of termites at home or at work is to rely on professional help. At Accel Pest & Termite Control, we excel at finding every termite colony and tunnel, and we utilize special tools and methods that are precise and safe. We can also make sure that more termites won't come in later on. In addition, we offer three different prevention plans that will keep termites out of your home or business. The first is called Protection Plus, and it's extremely meticulous. It involves several procedures and comes with our Full Damage Repair Warranty. Preventative Defense, the second plan, focuses on treating spots that are especially vulnerable to termite invasions, particularly foundations. It also carries the Full Damage Repair Warranty. Our Total Protection plan is affordable, and it safeguards homes and other buildings from dozens of pests besides termites. Finally, be aware that we can transfer any warranty that you currently have with another pest control company. For more details about our offerings or for a free quote, please get in touch with us at any time.

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