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Moisture Control

The crawlspace is a part of many homes in the Medina, Wayne, and Portage areas that allow access to everything from water pipes to utility lines. They are often built instead of a basement or when a basement isn't a feasible option when the home is built. Even though no one lives in the crawlspace, it's an area that needs to be maintained just like the kitchen or the garage. One of the ways that the crawlspace can be maintained is to keep moisture away. 

Why Is Controlling Moisture Important?

When there is a large amount of moisture in the crawlspace, it can begin to cause a significant amount of damage. With a moisture level of just 27 percent, wood can begin to deteriorate. The walls can buckle, and floors can begin to warp in the home, causing about $17 million in damages to homes every year. Moisture can cause mold to begin growing in the crawlspace. Any ventilation system that connects to the home will allow for the spores from the mold to invade the air, which can cause breathing problems for people inside. With an excessive amount of mold, the insulation can begin to deteriorate, which would begin allowing cold air to seep into the house. Excess energy will be required to keep the home warmer, which will result in a higher utility bill. These damages can also begin to lower the value of the home if they are not repaired. 

The air quality inside the home will begin to lower if the crawlspace is not cleaned of the mold and mildew that grows along with being maintained in the future. There are a few different types of mold that you want to know about. White mold is common, and while it doesn't damage the wood like other types, it can still have an impact on the health of those who are in the home. When brown or black mold is seen, then you need to start worrying about damage to the structure of the home as it can begin to destroy the wood. Black mold needs to be removed as quickly as possible because it can pose a severe risk to the respiratory system, especially among those who have breathing issues, the elderly and children. 

Dust mites also begin to form in the crawlspace. These can begin to eat away at the insulation and the structure of the home. When the crawlspace is warm and moisture has accumulated, it attracts other insects as well, such as termites. 

Benefits Of Professional Cleaning

A professional company can install barriers and dehumidifiers to keep moisture under control. Sump pumps can also be installed. A technician can come to the home on a regular schedule to examine the crawlspace and utilize any preventive measures that might be needed.

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