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Flea Control

These small pests are sometimes difficult to see, but they can pose a health risk to people and animals. Fleas and are parasites, which means that they will latch on to whatever food source they can find to feed on the blood of that host. When fleas bite, it can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful. It can also pose a health concern, especially for young children, pets, and elderly individuals. Fleas can't fly, but they can jump quite a distance, which means that they can get from one host to another in one leap at times. Most fleas can jump up to 13 feet because of the long legs that they have. Their jumping skills also make it possible for fleas to take over the home in a short time.

What Are Infestation Signs?

There are a few things that you can look for if you think that you have a flea infestation in the home. Fleas often multiply very quickly. It's sometimes hard to see them because they are dark in color and tend to hide in the carpet, in bedding and among the hair of pets in the home. They are also known for hiding in furniture or the cracks in the walls of the home. They tend to come out when it's dark more than during the day. Your pets will likely start scratching on a regular basis for no obvious reason. While you're sitting on the couch or on another piece of furniture, you might see a small black spot jump from one area to another.

What Are The Dangers Of These Pests?

Bites from fleas can leave marks on the body. They appear as red bumps and can itch. If you're allergic to fleas, then you might notice a rash. Bacteria are carried by these parasites. A professional company is sometimes the best way to rid the home of infestations so that your family and pets are safe and healthy.

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